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September 2005

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Dear ESL All subscribers,

We are pleased to send you the first issue of our free monthly newsletter featuring ten English as a Second Language (ESL) useful links. This month we have selected ten of the very best online listening comprehension resources where you can find thousands of high-quality audio and text documents to help you sharpen your listening skills.

The importance of listening in acquiring a new language can never be overstated. Whether your learn a first, second or third language, listening comes first. The more English you listen to, the better you prepare your brain for making fast progress. In language learning, quality and quantity make the difference.

Happy listening!

1- Randall’s ESL Cyber-Listening Lab
One of the best listening sites to improve your listening comprehension skills through practice with self-grading listening quiz pages. General listening quizzes, listening quizzes for academic purposes, 20-minute ESL vocabulary lessons, language learning and life tips, and long conversations with RealVideo.

2- ESL About.com
English listening skills and activities for effective listening practice
for ESL EFL learners and teachers. Comprehension quizzes for listening skill improvement for beginner, intermediate and advanced ESL EFL English levels.

3- ELLLO.org (English Language Listening Lab Online)
Learn English by listening to English speakers from all over the world. Over 500 listening activities to choose from! Listening games, news center, song page, theme page. Choose speakers by nationality or choose subject by theme.

4- 1-Language.com
Real-life situations for students and users of American English. This Audio Center features 40 Units of English focusing on practical conversations and academic language as commonly found in American universities. Conversation starters, getting around, telephone conversations, assignments, classes, and short talks.

5- BBC World Service
One of the best sites in the world to improve your English. Excellent audio and video clips section. Mostly British English. Watch and Listen: Pronunciation Tips,Welcome to London, Top of the Pops, Singer and the Song, Beyond the Postcard, Music Directory, Video Nation, Retro English and more.

6- 5 Minute English.com
ESL listening lessons. Free short self-study English lessons and quick tips for ESL students. Dogs, Dogs, Dogs, Get the phone!, The Birthday Party, The Fishing Spot, Asking about Restaurants, The Weather's Great!, What do you like to do?, Movies, Chores, The Job Interview, The New Apartment, Let's Take a Picture, In a Hotel, Shopping for Clothes, Telephone Call to a Business, A Thief in the Night.

7- Focus English.com
Audio exercises that focus on learning idiomatic and everyday expressions to help you deal with daily conversational situations. Each dialogue is accompanied with carefully designed exercises. Follow the recommended steps and practice at your own pace. Topics include: Communication, Eating, Emotions, Fashion, Friendship, Health, Housing, Life, Memory, Money, Romance, Shopping, Time, Traffic, Traveling, Vacation, Weather, and Work.

8- Voice of America
Wordmaster is a five-minute radio feature heard each Wednesday on VOA News Now. It is a weekly analysis of American English. Read and listen to hundreds of audio files. Grammar, Idioms, Slang, Regional English, Topical Issues, and Archives.

9- ELL (English Listening Lounge)
Paying site that offers three free listener menus containing each 10 audio listening passages, questions and answers, and transcripts. A great variety of topics is covered. American English.

10- World English.org
Click on any of the flags on that page to hear accents from some of the main English-speaking countries in the world. Hear English accents from: Australia, Canada, Denmark, England, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Indonesia, Israel, Singapore, Scotland, South Africa, Sweden, United States, Vietnam, and Wales.

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