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July 2006

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Dear ESL All subscribers from all around the world,

Our May newsletter featured some online dictionary sites that triggered much interest. Many of our readers since then wrote to ask whether we could suggest additional sites where to find online English picture vocabulary exercises and games useful to both beginners and intermediate learners.

This is precisely what this July issue of the ESL All newsletter aims to do. We have this month selected for you ten of the Top Picture Vocabulary Resources available online. Some of the sites that we recommend even have audio files that allow you to hear the correct pronunciation of each word.

It is our firm belief that picture vocabulary dictionaries, exercises and games are great ways of building new vocabulary. The visual support they provide have the added advantage of increasing the level of retention of new words by learners. What is however important to keep in mind is the importance of repetition. The more often you revise or redo the exercises or play the games, the more you will remember. Never underestimate the importance of repetition. This is what the human brain needs for long-term memorization.

Our chosen resources are divided into three categories: 1) picture dictionary sites for those who missed the May issue of our newsletter; 2) picture vocabulary exercise sites; and 3) picture vocabulary game sites for those who want to learn while having fun.

Do not hesitate to send us your comments or questions if you have any.

Have fun!

The ESL All Team

1- A few Online Picture (visual) Dictionaries
Visual Dictionaries: Although rather limited, there exists a few interesting and useful online visual dictionaries for beginners and low-intermediate learners. Most of them are multilingual and cover a great variety of topics. Some have audio support while others are merely text-based.

a) The Internet Picture Dictionary
http://www.pdictionary.com/ (multilingual)
b) Language Guide.org (multilingual)
c) InfoVisual.info (English and French)
d) Little Explorers Picture Dictionary (multilingual)

2-The Internet TESL Journal
English Vocabulary Quizzes Using Images: A series of JavaScript interactive multiple-choice easy quizzes for studying using images to study English vocabulary. Covers nouns, adjectives, verbs, body parts, animals and a lot more.

3- EFL Net Vocabulary
EFL Net Vocabulary: ESL student vocabulary resources including a photo dictionary and quizzes. Most quizzes include audio files that make it possible for you to hear the correct pronunciation of each word.

4- University of Victoria, Canada
Vocabulary Exercises: A collection of 200 vocabulary quizzes on a variety of topics. Furniture, School and Office, Home Appliances, Kitchen Utensils, Clothes, Animals, Canadian Coins, and Food. No audio files.

5- ESL Bears Picture Vocabulary Quizzes
Vocabulary Practice with Pictures: A list of some of the best illustrated vocabulary resources on the Internet. Great variety. Great links!

The author of this site has also created his own collection of picture quizzes: http://eslbears.homestead.com/matching.html

6- Vancouver Community College
ESL Online Center: Picture vocabulary quizzes. Vocabulary exercises may include: multiple-choice, short-answer quizzes, gap-filling, matching, and crossword puzzles. Topics cover: Aches and Pains, Action Verbs, Canada's Provinces & Territories, Canada's Provincial Capitals, Canadian Money, Classroom Objects, Colours, Everyday Clothes, Family & People, Feelings & Emotions, Parts of the Body, Foods, and Going Places.

(Literacy & Level 1/2 )

Topics for Levels 3 and 4 cover: Collective Nouns, Jobs, Job Adjectives,and Job Applications.

(Literacy & Level 3/4 )

7- Institut de la Providence
Vocabulary Practice with Picure Games: A new way to read and learn English vocabulary. Multiple choice games with pictures that help ESL learners to increase their elementary vocabulary. Topics include: Food, Architecture, Office, Colours, School, Shapes, Hospital, Garden, Days, Jobs, Months, Music, Tools, Seasons, and Transport.

8- Virtual Language Centre
Picture Book Drag'n'Drop Vocabulary Quizzes: Vocabulary matching quizzes with words grouped in subject themes. Drag each word and drop it on the corresponding picture. If it is right you will hear the sound file for this word. Encourages you to use the dictionary. Chosen topics include: Feelings and Emotions, Animals, Occupations, Home Appliances, Transportation, Sports
Food, Occupations, Building & Construction, Kitchenware, Furniture, Places, and Hong Kong Parks.

9- ManyThings.org
English Vocabulary Games with Pictures: Learn and Review English Words Using Images. Interactive JavaScript games and quizzes for students of English as a Second Language. There are 7 games (Find 1 | Find 2 | Matching | Eyes | Arrows | Pairs | Memory ) on each set of 9 words. Topics covered include: Animals, Insects, Food and Drinks, Sports, Things in my House, Things People Wear, Transportation and Communication, Verbs, Tools, Adjectives, Buildings, ans Shapes.

10- British Council
British Council Word Games:
An important selection of matching vocabulary games for all levels (easy, medium, and difficult). Click on a picture or a topic to play a game. Too many topics to list here. A must-see resource. No audio files. Requires Java.

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