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August 2006

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Dear ESL All subscribers from all around the world,

Our August newsletter deals with the many ways through which you can better your English while taking advantage of the extraordinary film and video resources available for free on the Internet. Some of these resources have been especially designed with the needs of language learners in mind, while others are for anyone who is interested in film and video material and understands English well enough to navigate the English side of the Internet.

This month's issue features both types of resources. It is true that the sites that target English as a Second Language learners will provide greater online language support. However, we encourage any learner, who is advanced enough in English, to also visit and make use of the exceptional resources that can be found in sites designed for English-speaking users.

There are numerous other online resources catering to the needs of film lovers and our task in narrowing down our choice to only ten sites has not been an easy one. We hope that our selection will guide you toward many more new visual resources that will not only deepen your love and appreciation of films and videos, but also help you sharpen both your listening and reading comprehension skills.

Do not hesitate to send us your comments or questions if you have any.

Happy watching!

The ESL All Team

1- LingualNet.net
LingualNet: A wonderful site where you can learn English through movies. Watch narratives, documentaries, short animation films, cine-poetry, travel, homemade videos, and a lot more.

2-BBC Video Nation
http://www.bbc.co.uk/videonation/archive/index.shtml (archives)
British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC): Meet people from across the UK and hear on video clips what they have to say about their lives and the world around them. British English. No transcripts.

3- English Bites
http://australianetwork.com/englishbites/archives.htm (archives)
Australia Broadcasting Corporation (ABC): English Bites (ABC: Australia Broadcasting Corporation). An informative and entertaining way to improve your English. Free videos with transcripts and vocabulary exercises. Australian English.

4- YouTube.com
YouTube: A free website that is loaded with hundreds of thousands of videos for people to watch and share worldwide through a Web experience. First-hand accounts of current events, hobbies and interests, as well as the quirky and unusual. No transcripts.

5- 9.Yahoo.com
9.Yahoo.com: The 9 is a daily broadcast on Yahoo! TV of the 9 best, weirdest, and funniest videos, photos, sites, and stories on the Web.
Hosted by Maria Sansone. Features online voting and user submission. No transcripts.

6- Atom Films
Atom Films:
Watch films, videos, shorts, and online movies ranging from 1 to 30 minutes in length. Also provides on-demand viewing of over 1,500 world-class film and animation titles. Free registration. No transcripts.

7- EnglishTrailers.com
EnglishTrailers.com: A non-profit, free educational site made by teachers for students studying English as a second/foreign language. This site uses movie commercials (movie clips) to help you better your English. Includes summaries, cloze tests, transcripts, talking activities, quizes and a forum. Lots of fun!

8- Movies.Go.com
http://movies.go.com/browse?page=trailers (Trailer list)
Movies.Go.com: Film news, trailers, featurettes, overview, multimedia, photos, reviews, a fan forum, crewnews and features. Also showtimes and tickets, and synopsis summaries for films currently in theaters and new to DVD and video. A wealth on information. Amazing everything you can find about movies for free at this site. No transcrripts.

9- Apple.com
Apple.com: Watch the latest theatrical film trailers of new and upcoming movies, from Apple.com. Organized by production studio. Requires the QuickTime software that you can download for free at this site. No transcripts.

10- WatchFilms.com
Watch hundreds of movies for free online. Also cartoons, documentaries, old newsreels, classic commercials, and short films. No downloading or registration required. Download time is sometimes a little slow, but this site contains unique material. No transcripts.

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