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    http://www.music.indiana.edu/music_resources/songlyr.html [329]
    Music.Indiana.edu: Music Resources list by Indiana University School of Music.
    This site will give you that extra boost in looking for all those lyrics to your favorite pop songs and more! About classical, popular and other music genres. Includes libretti for opera.

    Category: Reading - Song Lyrics
  • 12
    http://ntl.matrix.com.br/pfilho/summer.html [330]
    NTL.Matrix.com: Find the top 40 songs for the last 70 years! Popular and rare lyrics.
    Here you can get the top 40 songs for the last 70 years! Don't miss out on this! You will also find lyrics and links in English and Portuguese. Some of these lyrics are seldom found on the web.

    Category: Reading - Song Lyrics
  • 13
    http://www.rapdict.org/ [558]
    Rapdict.org: Dictionary of terms, phrases, people, etc. used and referenced in rap songs.
    Category: Reading - Song Lyrics
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    http://www.afn.org/~afn30091/80songs.html [332]
    Ultimate '80s Songs: List of over 400 popular 1980s songs, most linked to online lyrics.
    Category: Reading - Song Lyrics
  • 15
    http://www.wordpower.ws [1363]
    WordPower.ws : The Word Power web site is a free educational resource that enables students of all ages and at all levels to learn English online through its extensive English grammar section, as well as many other parts including Phonics, Idioms, Word Searches, Tongue Twisters etc.. The site has a simple design that is colourful and printer-friendly.
    Category: Reading - Song Lyrics
  • 16
    http://www.call4all.us/ [7096]
    World CALL Directory (www.call4all.us): A Virtual Encyclopedia of all major language learning links, Web dictionaries and Computer-Assisted Language Learning organizations in the world.
    Category: Reading - Song Lyrics
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