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77 Tips to Better English
Using the Internet

A Guide for Second Language Learners
NEW August 2010 Edition

Do what Top Learners Do and Get Results!

Are you a non-native speaker of English who is looking for new effective ways of bettering your English?

Have you spent a lot of money attending English classes that brought next to no results?

Have you tried using language-learning softwares that you soon gave up after completing only the first few lessons?

Would you like to make yours all the language-learning treasures the Internet has to offer but do not know how?

Are you tired of wasting money buying expensive learning material that does not live up to your expectations?

Would you like to learn English at your own pace in the comfort of your home and only focus on what you really need to improve?

Do you want to learn the language strategies used by the most successful language learners?

Would you like to communicate with native speakers of English free of charge via video messaging, online and written chats, and blogging?

If you have answered "yes" to any of the above questions. This might be the most important letter on improving your English that you'll ever read. Here's why.

77 Tips to Better English Using the Internet is a
one-of-a-kind ebook that will help you take advantage of the many benefits that mastering English can bring to your life.

Save precious time and gain immediate access only to the best English-learning resources online. These are the resources used by the top language learners worldwide.

It will teach you 77 ways to learn English on your own while tapping into the multimedia power of the Internet.

The 77 tips and hundreds of top resources it leads to were carefully chosen by two ESL teachers with over 17 years of experience while keeping your best interest in mind.

These resources were selected on the basis of their relevance for language learners like you and they can be accessed from any computer in the world which is connected to the Internet.

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77 Tips - 10 Sections - Hundreds of Top ESL / EFL Resources
Adopt the correct attitude and learn as winners do

Use successful learning strategies

Understand spoken English effortlessly

Connect with the rest of the world and make new friends

Gain confidence in yourself

Learn how to speak like a native speaker

Be understood by everybody

Learn English grammar the fun way

Expand your vocabulary and express yourself with ease and confidence

Learn to write like a pro

Play exciting games and have fun

Adopt the Correct Attitude
Program success!

Invest in your personal development and tap into the power of both your conscious and subconscious mind. Think and learn as winners do.

Use Successful Language Learning Strategies

Explore the language learning strategies used by top language learners all around the world.

Sharpen your Listening Skills and Learn how to Understand Spoken English Effortlessly

Learn where to find great online audio and video resources. Thousands of interactive listening comprehension quizzes and exercises. Top film and video resources. ESL and EFL podcasts and vodcasts. Hundreds of radio stations from all around the world as well as a great variety of free audio books.

Develop your Reading Skills and Gain Confidence in your dealings in English.

Subscribe to high-quality daily, weekly, and monthly blogs and vocabulary newsletters. Use the best online dictionaries (unilingual, bilingual and multilingual). Learn where to find short articles, ESL and other magazines, newspapers, quotations, song lyrics, Ezines (electronic magazines), free ebooks, fiction and non-fiction books, short stories, novels, poetry, film scripts, comics, jokes, riddles, and a lot more.

Learn how to Speak Like a Native Speaker

Learn about language registers, relaxed pronunciation and contracted spoken English. Learn telephone etiquette. Participate in online vocal chats (with audio and video support) and practice your English with people from all around the world.

Work on Stress and Pronunciation and Be Understood by Everybody

Understand the importance of word stress, sentence stress, linking (also called liaison), and the schwa sound in English. Experiment with tongue twisters. Use online talking dictionaries and learn how to understand the international phonetic symbols. Learn the differences between American, British and Canadian English. Practice the pronunciation of vowels, consonants, and diphthongs in English.

Learn English grammar the fun way!

Access thousands of online interactive self-study quizzes on all grammatical topics and for all levels (beginner - intermediate, and advanced). Find grammar glossaries as well as clear theoretical explanations and get lots of hands-on practice.

Expand your Vocabulary and Express Yourself with Ease and Confidence

Learn where to find top online general and picture dictionaries (unilingual, bilingual, and multilingual). Appraise the size of your actual vocabulary with a battery of tests. Practice using idioms, phrasal verbs and common expressions (collocations). Find numerous vocabulary lists and quizzes on the most commonly used words and expressions in English.

Learn to Write like a Pro

Find great penpals (epals) and snail mail correspondents all around the world. Participate in online writing chats and forums. Use instant messaging and communicate in real time. Learn about spelling tips and the spelling differences between American, British, and Canadian English. Understand syllabication, the use of contractions, punctuation and get an overview of the most important writing rules in English.

Play Games, Have Fun and Learn English!

Play numerous language games:hangman, crosswords, jumble words, quizzes, matching games, word puzzles, scrambled words, word-find games, brain teasers, trivia, anagrams, cryptograms, video games, role-playing games, murder mystery games, and a lot more.

77 Tips to Better English Using the Internet (New Editon)
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I've been using your book for quite some time now and I enjoy it very much. I have studied English for several years and still need much practice. I am so busy with work and my family that I no longer have time to take classes outside the home. With 77 Tips, I can choose whatever part of the English language I want to practice and all this on my own time. I have discovered all sorts of fun ways to learn. The fact that people understand me better has even given me the confidence to finally try to get the job promotion I have been dreaming of for so long. After many years of working as a customer service representative, I recently made team leader. I give credit to my English which has improved a great deal.

Thank you for sharing your book with all of the ESL learners around the world.

Maria Gonzales
Austin, Texas
Section 1 Adopt the Correct Attitude
Section 2 Learning Strategies 
Section 3

Listening Comprehension

Section 4 Reading
Section 5 Speaking
Section 6 Stress & Pronunciation
Section 7 Grammar
Section 8 Vocabulary
Section 9 Writing
Section 10 Games

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Go through the 77 tips and watch your English soar!

Please share your results with us.

To your continued success,

Christine Lepine and Paola Di Muzio


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